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Sanctuary Saga

Sanctuary Saga. Gather your guild and explore the world of the Untamed Wilds in Sanctuary Saga, a roguelite turn-based RPG where maintaining relationships with your team is key to survival. Explore four unique biomes, face enemies in tactical row-based battles, and build and maintain friendships with your guild to complete your quest.

Developed by a veritable one man-wrecking crew (with some help) over at Boomer’s Workshop. Incorporated in 2019 and located in Indianapolis, IN. The company seeks to deliver highly polished games in both quality of presentation and gameplay. Each game is designed to be approachable, provide a depth of tactics and strategy, and communicate an engaging story to the players. Through this, we strive to create lasting partnerships with our community and fans!

Developer: Boomer’s Workshop

Founding date: 2019

Website: Boomersworkshop.com

Press / Business contact: rebecca@vicariouspr.com

Press Kit: Here






Key Features:

  • Play as six unique heroes with their own skills and abilities
  • Challenge enemies in dynamic turn-based battles
  • Keep your team together with the argument system, with ramifications if character relationships go wrong
  • Explore four varied biomes each with their own unique challenges
  • Face off against 18 Mini-Boss Encounters and 17 Boss Encounters throughout your journey