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All inclusive video game publishing, marketing, social media, and PR.

Why Publish With Us?

Vicarious Publishing offers many advantages over traditional publishing companies. Our services are all under one roof, thereby ensuring a consistently pain-free publishing experience of the highest possible quality. Our high company standards at Vicarious PR has allowed us to win multiple PR and marketing awards, we’re bringing those same high standards to Vicarious Publishing. Our love of gaming shines through everything that we do.

Video game developers have never needed video game publishing as much as they do now. More than 25 games are released each day on Steam. Video game developers were used to doing both the developing and marketing work themselves, and leaving game discovery up to Steam platform algorithms. With recent changes to Steam algorithms, this is no longer possible. To see success, a video game developer must partner with a video game publisher. Who better to partner with than with a video game publisher that already has an award-winning video game marketing and PR company by its side?

Our Games

Vicarious Publishing prides itself on partnering with video game developers who create amazing games that people want to play. We're all gamers first and foremost, and we're in it for long term success.

Latest News

Vicarious Publishing is here to set a new industry standard among video game publishers. We're happy to provide sage-like advice to any video game developer that wants it. Ultimately, we want an even playing field for indie game developers so that they may compete in an increasingly competitive video game market.