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Fallen Angel: Action/RPG Game

Matrioshka Studios makes its debut game release with the action/RPG title “Fallen Angel”. This pixelated menace is reminiscent of  “Hyper Light Drifter” and “Diablo”; with a smattering of “Devil May Cry” thrown into the mix for good measure.

You play the part of the Fallen Angel, a nod to the Beelzebub of biblical lore. The Creator has gone AWOL. They’ve vanished, leaving an unfilled void in heaven. All the angelic ranks are in disarray. It seems like the perfect opportunity for chaos to reign.

We were at Dreamhack Atlanta and Anaheim and fans of Fallen Angel had this to say about the game:

“I haven’t played such a punishing and fun game in a good while. I would definitely speedrun this in the future” – Speedrunner at Dreamhack Anaheim

“This is insane, I’d love to play this on my channel” – RevSven, streamer

Wow this game is already so awesome”  – Kyle, random guy at Dreamhack Atlanta

What are two takeaways you want gamers to experience while playing Fallen Angel?

1. That games can still be fun, challenging, gut-wrenching, rage-inducing, and addictive. There’s real reward in mastering the game and your power increases exponentially as the game progresses. 
2. We want players to wow at the fluidity of the combat and marvel at the art surrounding them. We tried to make a unique and amalgamated experience for the player. Boss battles are epic and difficult, but there’s so much satisfaction when your enemies finally fall. 

Fallen Angel will be available on Steam for PC in late 2020 You can visit the steam page and wishlist the game by click on the link provided.

You can also join the developer in the Fallen Angel and sign up to be a beta tester of the game.

Fallen Angel will be at PAX East, stop by the booth and give the game demo a try.