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My Beautiful Paper Smile: Adventure/Horror Game

Two Star Games makes its debut game release with the adventure-horror title “My Beautiful Paper Smile”. The game boasts a unique and engrossing art style that thrusts players into the unforgiving maw of a “Smile Training” institution. The institution is run by figures known only as “Authorities”, who are there to ensure your training is completed according to standards.

The creator of My Beautiful Paper Smile sat down with Vicarious PR and he was gracious enough to answer some questions:

Why did you decide to create My Beautiful Paper Smile?
I made My Beautiful Paper Smile, because I wanted to tell a story. I think that games have the potential to be more impactful than any other entertainment medium, and I want to utilize that as best as I can, to craft an adventure that people can truly love.

What are two takeaways you want gamers to experience while playing My Beautiful Paper Smile?

1. The first isn’t exactly a solid takeaway, but rather that I want people to contemplate the world that I have created for this game, and ponder how it might relate to our own world.
2. Second takeaway is that I want people to think,”Hey, I should really get a nightlight”.

My Beautiful Paper Smile will be available on Steam for PC in early 2020. You can visit the steam page and wishlist the game by click on the link provided.

You can also join the developer in the My Beautiful Paper Smile Discord and sign up to be a beta tester of the game.

My Beautiful Paper Smile will be at Dreamhack Atlanta, stop by the booth and give the game demo a try.